Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cold Snap!
Man did it turn into January this morning and it didn't get much
toastier as the day went on. By the time I left work at 2:30PM it had
peaked out at 19 degrees. I cut through the industrial park in Horseheads.
It's called The Holding Point. It was just that amd more during World War
II. They manufactured all kinds of goods for the war effort. They made "HH"
Bricks at one time that people still clamor over.
Anyway it has a marsh with a medium size pond. I think it is a national wetland.
It is a breeding area each Spring for thousands of Canadian Geese and many
species of ducks. I have even seen a pair of swans here. During the warmer
months when the water is not frozen there are a couple of Ospreys that
hunt here and up the creek.
I have quite a collection of photos from this particular area. I can always
turn up something to photograph here.
More To Follow...

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