Thursday, January 3, 2008

Oops! My Mistake

Horseheads Holding Point (Corrections)

Three cheers to my Dad who remembers personally the things I have only
been told about. So let me correct the couple of mistakes I posted yesterday.
First; The Holding Point was just that...a holding point. There was actually
no manufacturing at the site. My Dad recalls him and his friends going there
and watching the trains pull out with there various cargos. He remembers
flatbeds with tanks, large field guns, and massive wooden crates marked
AMMO. So mistake number one...Rectified!
Number Two: The famous Horseheads Bricks were not made at The Holding Point, but
nearby. (The Horseheads Brick Yard is among the most extensive establishments for the manufacture of bricks in the State. It was originally started by a man named Albright, on a small scale, about 1840. In 1855, William Westlake operated it to the extent, perhaps, of 1,200,000 per annum. In 1858, Benjamin Westlake, the present proprietor, purchased the yard and surrounding land, and since then has added improved machinery and increased the business to 6,5000,000, with a capacity for at least 10,000,000 per annum, There are six tempering pits and six moulding machines, run by a steam-engine of fifty horse-power, and giving employment to sixty men and ten teams. Mr. Westlake has recently added improved facilities for cleaning the clay, which will add greatly even to the present excellent quality of brick made by him, and will place his productions among the best for hardness and durability.)
I was right that the Horseheads Bricks were and are highly sought after. Other brickyards made there bricks to a "Horseheads Brick Standard". So mistake number two...Rectified!
In the future I promise to do more research

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